5 Useful Tips for a Successful Home Office

Working from home – for many a dream, a nightmare to some. Working remotely brings about benefits just as much as it brings challenges. In this blogpost, we will show you how you can make your home office mission successful!

Choose the right place

Even if it’s self-evident that your home office will be, well, in your “home”, you should spend some time to choose the ideal place to work. Usually that place consists of a flexible and comfortable desk at a calm and quiet spot in your house.

Pay attention to light and temperature in the room and in the particular spot. Is there some daylight coming in? Is the room heating up over the day? The right spot should also help you to concentrate on the essential task: work. If you have the luxury of a separate room in your home, use it! The bed is never a good idea to use as a workplace. You either can’t fall asleep at night because you think of work, or you cannot work because you always fall asleep. So, the easiest rule: workspace stays workspace, home stays home. Even in your home office.

Equipping your home office

The heart of your home office should be a good, robust, ergonomic desk and ergonomic office chair. It pays off to invest in good home office equipment and ergonomics. Sitting – or worse, lounging – for hours on end can even be dangerous to your health. Yaasa’s office products adjust to all your ergonomic needs and are the ideal and good-looking solution for your home office.

If it is not possible for you to invest in full home office equipment – for whatever reasons – we recommend to at least use a table as your main workplace. Dining tables are a good alternative. Try to tidy it up and make it look like a desk – this will also help you concentrate. Since it is not a sit-stand-table, incorporate short walks and stretches every other hour to keep your body moving.

A comfortable and healthy home office workplace should – no matter where it is located – enable and even promote frequent movement to protect your health.

Introduce regular working hours

This is probably the most useful and necessary rule for your home office. You do not have to stick to the typical 9 to 5, but it is essential to mindfully choose your working hours and stick to them. If you do not do this, you will procrastinate some tasks and maybe never do them. Or, if you’re a workaholic, you will never stop working until it is 2 in the morning.

Neither of these extremes will help you and should not be the purpose of working from home. In your first home office week, observe your working habits, when you’re most productive, and you’ll soon notice what hours fit you and your body. Do not forget to plan pauses too. Personally as Yaasa, we recommend to work rather in the morning than in the afternoon, because people are generally more awake then as opposed to the afternoon (energy low).

Don’t mix work with your private life

When working from home – in your literal private space! – this is easier said and done. Still, there are a few things you can do to separate the two spheres in your everday home office life.

Business calls are business calls, business e-mails are business e-mails. Try to distance yourself from chatting with friends online while you’re working. Don’t talk to your family on the phone or shop online, unless it’s for work purposes. If you don’t draw a line between these things as good as you can, it will only become harder to separate your private life from your home office and to be productive at the end of the day.

While you work, mute your phone (unless you need to be available on this phone for your co-workers or employers). It should at least rest in a place where it is not always in sight for you. Many of us have a hard tie concentrating when we’re at home. We recommend a bit of a radical way: block some internet pages for yourself that suck up your time otherwise. Whether it’s social media or an online shopping platform – you’ll be grateful to yourself. Screentime for specific sites can also be helpful and protect you from losing too much time on non-work-related things.

Minimize distractions

Just as in an office, your work environment should be created in a way that it does not distract you from the essential task: working. In a home office, this can be a lot harder to achieve, especially if you have kids, pets, or loud neighbors and streets nearby. Of course, everyone has a different noise tolerance for working and not everyone likes it silent.

However your preferences: if your attention is constantly drawn away from your working tasks, it might be a good idea to avoid this distraction from time to time – at least until your tasks are complete.

We hope you enjoy working from home! Let us know if these tips proved useful to you!

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