The new generation of adjustable desks: Yaasa Desk Pro II

It has been a while since we brought exciting articles about work and ergonomics on our blog. You might already know about our latest product launches: the Yaasa Desk Pro II and our extraordinary cable tray! If you haven’t heard the news, this blog post is for you. We want to tell you all about our latest hero product – the Yaasa Desk Pro II.



The best sit-stand-desk at a glance:


The burning question on your mind is probably this: What makes your desk, this adjustable Yaasa Desk, so special? Don’t worry, we got you. As opposed to its predecessors as well as other and cheaper models on the market, the new Yaasa Desk Pro II offers the following highlights:


  • outstanding performance
  • memory function
  • highly sensitive anti-collision sensor
  • modern design, through and through created by Yaasa
  • three sizes
  • made to fit the Yaasa Cable Management


So, what’s behind these highlights? If you want to know in detail, keep on reading. We summarized all the best part of of why we are so proud of the Yaasa Desk Pro II.



Improved and outstanding performance

Although Design, easy transportation and uncomplicated assembly played a significant role in the adjustable desk’s development, the Yaasa Desk Pro II had to have PEAK performance. A sit-stand-desk is still defined by its functionality and user-friendliness. When we worked on the Desk Pro II, therefore, we wanted to revolutionize it from the inside- seemingly invisible. To achieve that, we equipped it with a completely new, state-of-the-art and market-leading drive system.



The unique technology of the Yaasa Desk Pro II enables the use of various smart functions.


The improved performance shows itself mainly in the smooth driving dynamic, smooth up-and-down motion, and easy usage. We are proud to have a new mechatronic system of a European supplier in place that makes moving the table up and down even faster, smoother and easier. The table can be moved without delay at the touch of a button on the handswitch. It is quiet and moves at 38mm per second. All electronic parts are hidden in the legs and underneath the cover below the table top. For any additional cables, we have now launched our clever Yaasa Cable Management.





Highly sensitive anti-collision sensor

In the light of optimized safety for wider usability, we also implemented the highly demanded anti-collision sensor. It is super sensitive and recognizes even the softest obstacles, roll containers or window sills. The sensor is a completely new feature in the Yaasa product family.



Height Profiles and Memory Function

Setting your needed height each and every time you move the table? We don’t know her! Set up two height profiles on your desk, for example your ideal sitting and standing height, and save them with the memory function. No more annoying guessing when it comes to adjusting the height. By choosing the saved height profile, your desk with automatically move to the memorized height profile.



Alternating between standing and sitting at work is beneficial for your health, well-being and productivity.


And don’t worry: Even if you have saved height profiles, your desk can always be moved with the up and down buttons on your hand switch. After all, that’s how we as humans are wired: we want to move, sometimes slump over or sit this and that way. A sit-stand-desk guarantees ideal working comfort in any position.



Modern design, created by Yaasa

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: our desks are authentic and unique Yaasa products. The development process of any Yaasa product starts in our minds and our notebook scribbles. Together with our product designers and our customers’ inputs we elaborate on concepts, re-do and re-work them over and over, and eventually implement production with our European manufacturing partners.



Yaasa designs all products with the focus on design and functionality.


We don’t purchase ready-made products in different countries to re-sell them at a more expensive price point. This is what makes the cost-benefit ratio of Yaasa products one of the best on the market: unique and authentic designer desks, manufactured in Europe – that’s a real Yaasa desk. Learn more about how we work and what happens behind the scenes here!



Three sizes

If one thing became clear to us in the last few months, this was it: we needed more sizes. Yaasa stands for adjustability and design in office work life, and different sizes for different needs are a must in this regards. Our Yaasa Desk Pro II is therefore now available in three sizes in oder to meet the demands of everyone – from professionals to home office workspaces.


139 x 75 cm


160 x 80 cm


180 x 80 cm



The Yaasa Desk Pro II is available in three different sizes so that it fits your individual space requirements.



Ready-made for the Yaasa Cable Management

Although we believe that the Yaasa Cable Management deserves its own product highlight article, it should still be mentioned with the Yaasa Desk Pro II. The two products were developed together to work together seamlessly, and they fit together like a perfect match. The Yaasa Desk Pro II is ready-made to easily mount the cable tray of Yaasa without drilling in only a few minutes.

With Yaasa’s cable management, your ergonomic and adjustable workplace is almost ready. The Yaasa Chair is also part of our product family and completes your home office, co-working space or desk-sharing office to promote health and well-being.

Any more questions on the Yaasa Desk Pro II, other products or just ergonomics and adjustable workplaces in general? Contact us and we’ll help you!



Clear your desk from all your cables and chargers and hide them in the Yaasa Cable Management below your desk.



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