Bye-bye Cable Clutter!

Your cables, chargers and power strips are waiting to get their own place, but there is no need to wait any longer.  Your Yaasa Cable Management has finally arrived and it’s ready to tidy up your desk!

You are terrified of a complicated assembly process? No worries: you can assemble the Yaasa Cable Management easily in only a few steps. In the short video below, we show you how to mount your new add-on as quickly as possible to free your Yaasa Desk from cable clutter.

Enjoy your new Yaasa Cable Management!

Everything you need to know, in one place.

You need additional information on your Yaasa Cable Management? Below you can find a detailed, written assembly instruction with everything you need to know.

Assembly Guide / Schnellanleitung (Download)

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What is the Yaasa Cable Management product, and does it come with the desks?

The Yaasa Cable Management product is a cable tray made of durable felt to help organize the area around and under your desk with maximum flexibility. The cable channel’s volume and position can be adapted at any time according to your needs. The volume settings and installation positions can be adjusted easily without taking out the cables, chargers or power strips. Depending on the volume setting, the Cable Management product gives you 9 to 15 liters of storage volume. That’s enough for one large power strip, several power supplies for your office equipment, LAN cables, and excess cables from other peripheral devices.

The Yaasa Cable Management can be purchased separately from the Yaasa Desks and is delivered separately.


What sets the Yaasa Cable Management apart from other manufacturers’ cable channels?

The Yaasa Cable Management is created entirely by Yaasa – from the initial idea, concept, and design to its manufacture, which takes place in collaboration with trusted production partners in Europe. Our Yaasa Cable Management is not a resale product, something that is apparent in every aspect of the product.

● The Cable Management is delivered to you in a compact box.
● The Cable Management can be installed onto one of the Yaasa Desks in just a few steps. The Yaasa Desk Pro II comes with pre-drilled holes on the underside of the desk, so the cable channel can be screwed in without any additional drilling.
● Our other desks, the Yaasa Desk Light and Yaasa Desk Pro I, can also be retrofitted with the Yaasa Cable Management – no special expertise required. With the included drilling template and screws, you can attach your cable channel quickly and easily by following a few steps.
● The Cable Management features Yaasa’s clean, modern design and is a perfect complement to your Yaasa-equipped workstation.
● In contrast to metal or similar materials, the Yaasa cable channel is made from felt for maximum flexibility, which also helps create a homey look.
● While other companies’ cable channels can feel like sterile office-furniture solutions, we believe cable channels should be not just practical, but also design-friendly. That’s why we focused on a modern, minimalist design when we created the Yaasa Cable Management, one that would blend seamlessly into office and living spaces. The cable mounting system’s special design means that the cables for electronics on your desk can be stored invisibly underneath the desk, inside the Cable Management unit.


Why do I need Cable Management?

The Cable Management system especially makes sense for sit-stand desks. The cable channel doesn’t just organize the area around and under your desk – it also prevents unnecessary dust buildup on sensitive electric cables. The flexible Cable Management unit also ensures that individual devices can be quickly and easily unplugged and added. This is often not the case for desks without a cable channel, because the cables under the desk quickly become tangled.


Can I use the Yaasa Desk without the Cable Management?

Of course you can also use a Yaasa Desk without the Cable Management unit. However, if you have electronic devices on your desk that require a power supply, you will end up with a lot of cables around or under the desk, so the cable tray is a great help. The cable tray allows you to store all of your cables, chargers and power strips, which helps organize the area and prevents tripping hazards.


Where is the Yaasa Cable Management made?

The design and concept for Yaasa Cable Management came from our team. A trusted European production partner handles manufacturing of the multi-functional and flexible felt cable channel for us. The Production department pays close attention to every detail, because high quality is standard for Yaasa.


Is the Yaasa Cable Management fairly produced?

Yes. We are conscious of our responsibility as a company. As a result, we always consider the production and working conditions at various companies when choosing our production partners.


Can I combine a previously purchased Yaasa Desk with the Yaasa Cable Management product?

Yes, any desks previously purchased from Yaasa can be complemented with the Yaasa Cable Management. Assembly instructions, a drilling template, and additional screws for previously purchased desks always come with the Yaasa Cable Management. You can also download the instructions online.


Which desk sizes work with the Cable Management unit?

The Yaasa Cable Management is compatible with all Yaasa Desk models and sizes.


How heavy is the Cable Management system, including the mounting bracket?

The Cable Management weighs about 550 g with the mounting bracket.


What is the maximum load capacity of the Yaasa Cable Management?

The maximum load capacity of the Yaasa Cable Management is 8 kg.

What materials are used in the Cable Management product?

The Cable Management product consists of a 100% polyester (PET) felt cable channel and 2 sets of 3 ABS plastic components for installation and operation. Standard metal screws are included for attaching it to the desk.


How do I install the cable channel?

The cable channel can be installed in just a few minutes, without any specialized knowledge. Step-by-step instructions can be found here, and a video showing the installation process can be found here.


Here are a few more tips from us:

1. Before you start with the installation, make sure all devices on your desk are turned off and have been unplugged.
2. Move your Yaasa Desk to the tallest position in order to mount the cable channel and to make sure the cables are long enough. That way the cables will have plenty of play when you move the desk to any height setting.
3. Tie up any excess cable lengths using a flexible cable tie, like a twist tie or a Velcro cable tie. That will not only keep your cable channel organized, but will also keep the stored cables from getting twisted together or crimped unnecessarily.
4. Use extension cords with sufficiently long cables – this will give you more flexibility of use.
5. Plug your Yaasa Desk directly into a multi-socket adaptor in the Cable Management unit.
6. Any thick, rigid cables should be fed out from the side of the Cable Management unit.
7. Use the volume setting and position adjustment to adjust the Yaasa Cable Management to your specific preferences.


Can I install and remove the Cable Management product multiple times without damaging the material?

If you install and remove the Cable Management product according to the instructions, it will not damage the material.