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You need additional information on your Yaasa Desk? Below you can find detailed, written assembly instructions with everything you need to know.

Some unexpected errors occurred while using the desk? Take a look at our error correction guide in which you will find the right solutions for possible problems.

Quick Assembly Guide

Full Assembly Instructions / English (Download)

Full Assembly Instructions / Français (Download)

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Troubleshooting Guide (Download)

Products by Yaasa are authentic and unique, we take care of every step in the development process.

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What sets Yaasa Desks apart from other manufacturers’ desks?

Yaasa Desks are created entirely by Yaasa – from the initial idea, concept, and design to their manufacture, which takes place in collaboration with trusted production partners in Europe. Our Yaasa Desk is not a resale product, something that is apparent in every aspect of the product.

During product development for our desks, we focus exclusively on your personal comfort. So we believe it to be just as important that the entire process – from ordering to assembly to use – is as pleasant as possible for you.

Setup is very simple and can be done easily within a short amount of time, without any special expertise.

While other companies’ desks can feel like sterile office furniture, we believe furniture should be not only practical and comfortable, but also design-friendly. That’s why we focused on creating a modern, minimalist design that blends seamlessly into office and living spaces.


Where are Yaasa Desks made?

The design and concepts for Yaasa Desks come from our team. They are then implemented and manufactured in collaboration with our European production partners. Together, we create products that combine modern design with innovation and functionality. Our goal is to improve your life in a lasting way. High quality is therefore a standard with Yassa.


Are Yaasa Desks fairly produced?

Yes. We are conscious of our responsibility as a company. As a result, we always consider the production and working conditions at various companies when choosing our production partners.


Can other components be added to the desk?

Yes, the Yaasa Cable Management system was designed to complement the desk. Details about the Yaasa Cable Management can be found here. Our Product Development department is also hard at work creating new features and accessories for the desk.



Yaasa Desk Pro vs. Yaasa Desk Pro II


Yaasa Desk Pro Yaasa Desk Pro II
Size of the desktop (L x W)

160 x 80 cm

139 x 75 cm

160 x 80 cm

180 x 80 cm

Height adjustment interval

59 – 125 cm

62 – 128 cm


39,00 kg

36,64 kg

39,50 kg

41,41 kg

Max. weight

80 kg

80 kg


White / Light acacia / Truffle-brown oak

White / Light acacia / Truffle-brown oak (depending on size)

Keypad lock (to lock height adjustment)



Anti-collision sensor




What are the benefits of a height-adjustable desk?

More and more people spend most of their time sitting down – a trend that is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, given the progress of digitization. At the same time, the effects of too much sitting are well known: tension, pain, lethargy, even herniated disks – the list goes on and on. While ergonomics are becoming increasingly important, and now form the basis of almost every workstation, the underlying problem is rarely addressed.

A sit-stand desk gives you the flexibility you need to get through your day-to-day work while staying healthy and in shape. You can switch between a sitting and standing position as often as you like and adjust the height to your specific needs each time taking pressure off your spine and giving various muscle groups time to recover and relax. Sit-stand desks can reduce or even completely prevent the many negative health-related, mental and physical effects of excess sitting.

The flexibility offered by electrically adjustable desks also makes them perfect shared desks. No matter the height of the employees using the desk, it can be adjusted to the correct ergonomic height at the touch of a button, within seconds.


Who can use the desk?

With a minimum height of 62 cm and a maximum height of 128 cm, the Yaasa Desk Pro II meets the ergonomic standards as per DIN EN 527 and therefore works very well for most people.

However, it is hard to make general statements based on height, since ergonomic posture depends on more factors than just height.


Is the desk also suitable for children?

The desk can be used by children age 8 and up as long as they are supervised or if you have instructed them on the safe use of the device and they understand the associated risks.

Children under the age of 8 should be kept away from electrically adjustable desks, their controls and keypads. To keep children from operating the desk, you can enable the safety function. To do this, swipe your palm from left to right across the control element. To deactivate the safety function, simply swipe your palm again from left to right across the control element. The display must be on in order for you to activate the keypad lock. To wake up an inactive display, press any key. Once you have activated the keypad lock, a key will appear on the screen.


Can I lock the desk using a keypad lock?

Yes, the keypad lock can be activated and deactivated by swiping across the lower edge of the control element. Alternatively, you can also swipe horizontally across the left or right side of the control element. To wake up an inactive display, press any key. Once you have activated the keypad lock, a key will appear on the screen.


What is the correct ergonomic way to sit and stand at a height-adjustable desk?

You can find the correct height with a simple rule of thumb: lay your forearm flat on the desk and adjust the height so your forearm and upper arm form a 90° angle. Your thighs should also form a 90° angle with your calves. Make sure your feet are resting flat on the floor, your arms are relaxed on the desktop, and your shoulders are loose. The same applies for standing: make sure your forearms and upper arms form a 90° angle when you are standing up straight.


Where is the desk made?

Our designs and concepts come exclusively from the Yaasa team. The desks are actualized and manufactured in collaboration with our production partners in Europe.


What are the exact dimensions of the desk?

You can find the exact desk dimensions here.


Do all three desktop sizes use the same base frame?

The base frame is adjustable and can be easily adapted to the three desktop sizes (S, M and L). The white desk frame is for the light-colored desktops, and the black frame is for the dark desktop.


What is the minimum and maximum height for the desk?

The lowest desk position is 62 cm and its tallest position is 128 cm.


Is the desk stable in every position?

In general, the tallest position for height-adjustable desks causes a shift in stability. That is because the statics change along with the height. But we can guarantee you that the Yaasa Desk Pro II was designed to be extremely stable in every height position.


What do I do if the Yaasa Desk Pro II feels unstable?

First, make sure all the screws are fully tightened. Then check whether the leveling pins on the desk feet are adjusted correctly, and make sure they are touching the ground.
In our experience, desks feel unstable if your monitor wobbles when you work. But that is usually due to the screen itself. Try a monitor with a good, stable base to keep movements from being transmitted.


What materials is the desk made from?

The desktop consists of 1.8-cm thick melamine-coated Eurodekor particle board. The foot stabilizers are made from aluminum, and the desk frame is steel.


How fast does the desk move up and down?

You can move the desk 38.5 mm up or down per second.


How loud is the electric motor when the desk is moving up or down?

The desk makes very little noise when it moves up and down.


What kind of technology is used for the display on the control element?

The display, which we source from a well-known Austrian manufacturer, uses touch technology. The entire display area is float-mounted and you press down on 2 haptic switches underneath it, which provides a better feel than a pure touch film.


Why doesn’t the control element have a touch film?

The display, which we source from a well-known Austrian manufacturer, uses touch technology. The entire display area is float-mounted and you press down on 2 haptic switches underneath it, which provides a better feel than a pure touch film.


How does the memory function work?

You can use the memory function to save two different desk heights, making it easy to switch back and forth between your personal settings.

How to save a desk height:

1. Move the desktop using the arrows on the manual switch (see display)
2. Press the «Save» memory key.
3. The display will show «S –».
4. Press the desired memory position key, e.g. «2».
5. The display will show «S 2».

How to go to the saved memory positions:

To go to a saved desk height, press the desired memory position key (e.g. 2) until you reach the saved desk height. If you release the key before the desk reaches its saved height, the desktop will stop moving and will not reach the saved desk height.


Does the desk have a collision sensor system?

Yes. The Intelligent System Protection (ISP) feature is the anti-collision sensor for the integrated drive system. If there is an obstacle in a desk’s work area and the obstacle and the desk collide, the load change affects the drive components. When the system registers the load change, all of the gears stop immediately and move in the opposite direction for a few seconds.


Can other components be added to the desk?

Yes, the Yaasa Cable Management system was designed to complement the desk. Details about the Yaasa Cable Management can be found here.  Our Product Development department is also hard at work creating new features and accessories for the desk.


Is it possible to order the desk with a cable feedthrough?

Unfortunately we cannot offer customized designs. We also do not recommend modifying, expanding or rebuilding the desk; this may invalidate your warranty.


What should I do if the desk won’t go up or down when I press the manual switch?

First, check the connection between the desk and the electrical outlet.
Please note that the desk cannot be operated for more than 2 minutes at a time without an 18-minute resting period. Also note that the maximum load is 80 kg.

If the desk still does not move, please consult our troubleshooting guide to solve the problem, or contact Yaasa’s customer service.


What should I do if the desk is not working and there are problems or errors?

In the event of problems or error messages, you can check the troubleshooting guide for advice. If you have any other questions, please contact Yaasa Support directly. We will help you fix the error and take any necessary measures.


How is the desk delivered?

The pre-assembled desk is delivered to your doorstep in two cardboard boxes. The large package contains the desktop and the decorative inlays for the feet. The small package contains the desk frame along with the legs, the feet and the leveling slider, the side profiles, the plastic covers for the side profiles, the pre-wired manual switch, the power supply, the power cord, the cover plate for the power supply, the set of screws and attachment clips, as well as the appropriate tool and a cable fastener. The informational materials and setup instructions are also included in the smaller package.

The instructions provided in the package give you a step-by-step explanation of how to set up the desk.


How do I set up the desk?

Setting up the desk only takes a couple of minutes. It is easy to do, without any special expertise.

First, attach each desk leg to the main frame of the desk base with a twisting motion. Insert the side bars into the left and right sides of the main frame, and attach each one with 2 main connector screws and the provided tool. Tighten all 8 of the main connector screws (4 screws have already been screwed in) and attach the feet using the 4 tapered screws. Carefully lift the desk frame onto the desktop and attach the frame with a screw in the center.

Extend the desk frame and position it over the appropriate holes in the desktop.
Secure the frame in place using the 8 plastic clips in the middle. Insert 2 screws into each side profile to fasten the frame to the desktop, and tighten them. Take the power supply and position it on the provided Velcro fastener, then screw the power cable onto the board using the provided plastic element. Now click the cover panel into the middle of the desk frame, attach the 4 plastic covers to the side profiles, and turn the desk around.

Finally, feed the control element through the desktop from underneath; press it firmly into the cutout from above, stash the control element cable inside the cutout in the side profile, adjust the leveling feet on the floor, and plug in the power cable. And voila: your setup is finished!

You can find a video demonstrating the setup here.


Can I set up and disassemble the desk multiple times without damaging the material?

If you assemble and disassemble the desk according to the setup instructions,