We design our innovative products with creativity and the input of our customers.

Behind The Scenes

Yaasa Desks are unique. Why? Because we create our modern and ergonomic office solutions according to the principle of co-creation: as a team and in collaboration with our customers!

Our team consists of enthusiastic talents, which is why we can turn our ideas into reality in creative and extraordinary ways. We plan, design, rework and try out – what you purchase at Yaasa is always tried and trusted! Having fun with the ideas and the product development is just as important to us as being satisfied with the final result. We are passionate about the products we create!

Expertise meets innovation

When we rave about our products, you can be sure it’s for a good reason: our office furniture meets the highest quality standards. The technology of our desks is developed by a European partner who has more than 20 years of experience in the development of mechatronic systems. There is no other desk with better performance and driving dynamics!

The unique technology of the Yaasa Desk Pro II enables the use of various smart functions.
Yaasa chooses the design of every product according to modern office trends.

Authentic and international

Yaasa acts internationally. As a team, we personally select the products that become part of our product line. In doing so, we always focus on quality, adjustability, and design. Our adjustable desks are unique. From the initial concept to the designing and production by our manufacturing partners – our international team in Europe and the USA is in charge of every development stage of the Yaasa Desks.


When we say that your needs and your comfort are our top priority, we mean it. We want to live by the principle of co-creation. All Yaasa products are developed in close collaboration with our customers and the whole team. Due to the diverse input we can turn our ideas into reality in a passionate way.

While creating the Yaasa Cable Management we payed attention to customer´s wishes and demands.

Designer’s Thoughts

There is always more behind our products than simply their purpose. The development of a desk demands more than just function – an extraordinary customer experience as well as the aesthetics play a significant role at Yaasa. In the video below, our senior product designer Florian explains the thoughts behind the designing of our newest Yaasa Cable Management.

We create our products by paying attention to every detail.

How we make dreams come true

When concept, design and plans are ready, the products are ready for production. We work together with our trusted partners in Europe to keep track of every step in production as well as to ensure perfect quality. After production, the desks are shipped to our logistics centers where they eagerly await being shipped to your front door for free! And so, we’ve come full closure – from the first sparks of an idea to the finished product, our desks are in our hands only.