Yaasa Privacy Wall

Flexible Desk Partition for Your Personal Workspace.

Yaasa Privacy Wall on white height-adjustable desk

With the Yaasa Privacy Wall, your dream of a private workspace is about to come true. Whether you’re in the office, a co-working space, or working at home, this unique desk partition from Yaasa provides more privacy, less distraction and better concentration. As with all our products, the Yaasa Privacy Wall combines maximum flexibility and functionality with sleek, modern design.

Products by Yaasa are high quality and designed for the optimal comfort of our customers.

Yaasa Privacy Wall
From € 158

  • Innovative privacy and sound protection, made of flexible felt
  • Available in two sizes (Small and Medium/Large)
  • Two mounting options (behind the table and on the corner)
  • Easy assembly with no need for drilling
  • Additional accessories available
Privacy and noise protection mounted on white office desk by Yaasa

For Your Private Workspace

Work without distractions

More Privacy

The Yaasa Privacy Wall provides optimal privacy and noise protection at your workspace. Its effective soundproofing means you can separate your desk visually and acoustically from its surroundings: your work won’t be interrupted by anyone or anything!

Different mounting options

Flexible Positioning

Felt has already proven itself a popular choice of material for the Yaasa Cable Management: our customers love the guarantee of stability with maximum flexibility. By using the same material for our Privacy Wall, we ensure you can mount the product in two different ways: straight onto the back of your desk or curved around the corner of the table.

The Privacy Wall can be used in different ways


All Yaasa office solutions are characterized by their flexibility: each has a wide range of possible uses. The Yaasa Privacy Wall not only protects your privacy at work, but can also be used as a pinboard or combined with other Yaasa add-ons.

The desk partition can be used in different office settings

For Your Office and Home Office

Whether you want to escape office distractions or simply separate your home working corner from the rest of the living room, the Yaasa Privacy Wall can adapt to your every need. Use this flexible office partition in any way you like: its modern design ensures smooth integration into any working environment.

More than a simple Desk Partition

People working on office desk with yaasa privacy wall

Your Personal Workspace

A pleasant working atmosphere is characterized by calm, comfort and the absence of distractions. The Yaasa Privacy Wall helps you achieve this goal, serving as a privacy screen for your office table and insulating against ambient noise. In short, the perfect conditions for undisturbed work .

By equipping your desk with this practical desk partition by Yaasa, you can create a private workspace for maximum concentration at work.

Multifunctional, Simple Design

The Yaasa Privacy Wall is more than just a desk partition. Alongside its core benefits in noise reduction and privacy, this outstanding product can be used as a pinboard or fitted with hooks for your headset, bag or jacket. A tray that can be mounted on the privacy wall, alongside two other hooks, are provided in the additional Accessory Kit.

Grey noise protection and pinboard on white desk
Two Yaasa Privacy Walls mounted on white Yaasa Desk

Personalize Your Privacy

At Yaasa, individuality and adaptability are our top priorities. The Yaasa Privacy Wall is no exception: make your workplace your own by placing the partition at the back of your desk or bending it around a corner.

Alternatively, for maximum privacy, simply combine two Yaasa Privacy Walls and separate your desk from its surroundings on three sides.

Tailored to Your Workplace

The Yaasa Privacy Wall is available in two different sizes: simply choose the perfect fit for the size of your desk. Our Small size is perfect for smaller desks like the Yaasa Desk Basic, while Medium/Large is suitable for desks of 160 cm or longer.

Woman working on Yaasa Desk with Yaasa Privacy Wall
Man working concentrated on an office desk with noise protection

Privacy Everywhere

With the Yaasa Privacy Wall, you can establish peace and quiet wherever you’re working, even in the middle of an open-plan office or co-working space. For home offices, the Yaasa Privacy Wall is ideally suited as a partition between your working and living spaces.

Endlessly Compatible

At Yaasa, we develop our office solutions to work well together. Our commitment to compatibility means that you can easily combine all Yaasa Accessories at your workplace. The Yaasa Privacy Wall can be installed alongside the Yaasa Cable Management. With matching materials, these two innovative products blend perfectly together.

Yaasa Privacy Wall and Yaasa Cable Management mounted on Yaasa Desk

Easy and simple

At Yaasa, your comfort is paramount. Your journey, from ordering innovative office solutions to using them in your daily work, is designed to be simple and straightforward. The Yaasa Privacy Wall is no different: simply packaged and delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is unpack and mount the desk partition to your desk in a few simple steps! Here you can find the quick assembly guide for our smart Privacy Wall.

Change the way you work

Standing during the workday not only increases productivity and creativity, but it lowers the risk of illness too. We make our accessories part of the process, slotting in seamlessly to a modern, healthy working style.

Standing while working boosts your productivity, well-being and health.

Wellbeing and health

Regular changes between sitting and standing at work increase your wellbeing, your productivity, and protect your body from tension and back pain.


You can adjust the height of your Yaasa Desk Pro II in only a few seconds on a touch of a button.

Flexibility and adjustability

Yaasa products focus on adjustability. Our desks, chairs and accessories can be adjusted in various ways to make your office as individual as possible for you.


An office furnished with products by Yaasa is ergonomical and provides adjustability and movement while working.

Functionality and design

At Yaasa, high-performance is a minimum requirement. Smooth movement means a great user experience, while the practical benefits or our accessories mean that staying productive is easy.



Your benefits at Yaasa

All products by Yaasa are delivered to your doorstep and the shipping is free of charge.

Free shipping

The Yaasa Privacy Wall is compactly packaged and delivered to your doorstep in a single unit. Shipping is free of charge: you pay for the product, we take care of the rest. Even if you decide to return your Privacy Wall, we won’t let you down.

You can assemble all products by Yaasa in no time by yourself, quick and easy with no complicated instructions.

Easy Assembly

Our product designers focus on functionality and simplicity. Therefore, the Yaasa Privacy Wall can be mounted on your desk in no time! You can change the position of the Privacy Wall anytime without much effort and adjust it to your needs.

We create all of our products in co-creation with our customers to achieve best comfort while working.

Designed for your comfort

Yaasa products are made to support you through your working life. Every product we make is built to adapt to your needs and promote flexible and ergonomic working at all times.

Yaasa does not only focus on high-quality products but also on the satisfaction of our customers.

Your satisfaction is our top priority: we are happy to answer any questions, requests, or concerns you may have. We’re also enthusiasts, happy to advise you in general on office ergonomics and the joys of adaptable working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Yaasa Privacy Wall

The Yaasa Privacy Wall is a felt desk partition. You can use it as a privacy screen when working, as well as sound insulation and a pinboard at home or in the office.

The Privacy Wall is available in two sizes: 1550x440x13 mm and 1320x440x13 mm. Thus, the partition can be used for all 3 sizes of our Yaasa Desk Pro II (139×75 cm, 160×80 cm, 180×80 cm). An angled installation over one side of the table is only possible from a table top depth of 75 cm, as the privacy wall would otherwise protrude over the table top edge.

Yes, both sizes of the Privacy Wall can be expanded with the Accessory Kit. In addition, the Yaasa Cable Management can be used at the same time as the partition on the desk.

The Privacy Wall Accessory Kit consists of a shelf that can be mounted on the privacy wall and two additional hooks: a hook for the top edge of the felt (e.g. to hang up an umbrella) and a hook that can be attached to an adapter on the privacy wall.

No, the Accessory Kit can be purchased as an add-on to the Privacy Wall in the Yaasa Online Shop.

The Privacy Wall will be sent to you via a shipping service in a box containing the felt in the size you ordered, 4 adapters and an Allen key. The scope of delivery also includes two hooks: a hook for the top edge of the felt (e.g. to hang up an umbrella) and a hook that can be attached to an adapter on the privacy wall.

The Privacy Wall can be mounted straight on the rear edge of the table top or angled on one side of the table. If you have two privacy walls, you can mount both at an angle on either side of the table. This creates a complete partition wall for the table and your desk is shielded from the rest of the room on three sides. If you use two privacy walls in this way, there will be a gap in the middle between the two privacy walls, depending on the size of the table top. With the table top size of 139x75cm there is no gap, with the table top size of 160×80 cm the gap is approx. 2-3 cm and with a 180×80 cm table top size 22 cm.

The Yaasa Privacy Wall can be attached to the Yaasa Desk Pro II, Yaasa Desk Basic as well as to your individual table, which you put together with a Yaasa Desk Frame. The Privacy Wall in size S is suitable for the Yaasa Desk Basic and Yaasa Desk Pro II in size 139×75 cm and size L/M is suitable for all tabletops that are 160 cm or longer.

With the Yaasa Desk Basic, the privacy wall can only be mounted straight on the rear edge of the table top. Unfortunately, it is not possible to mount the privacy wall at an angle on one side of the table, as the table must be at least 75cm deep and the partition wall would therefore be 5cm above the edge of the table.

Yes, in principle it can also be installed on other tables. Since the curve of the privacy wall is rounded, we recommend rounded tabletops and, when using the privacy wall in size S, a minimum depth of 75 cm for the tabletop (for corner mounting). When using the Privacy Wall in size M/L, the table must be at least 80 cm deep.

The privacy wall is attached to a desk using 4 adapters per privacy wall. The adapters are clamped into the cutouts in the felt and fixed with an Allen screw. Then you can screw the clamps for attachment to the table top. You can find the quick assembly guide here.

No, as the Privacy Wall is clamped to the table top using an adapter, no hole is necessary in the table top.

The partition itself consists of a stable and high-quality felt, which guarantees maximum flexibility and stability.

No, the privacy wall can be ordered optionally with the table or separately in the Yaasa online shop.

The felt of the Privacy Wall comes from Germany, the adapters from China and the accessories from Romania.

Yes. We are aware of our responsibility as a company. Accordingly, when selecting our production partners, we always keep an eye on the production and working conditions in the various companies.

If you assemble and disassemble the Privacy Wall according to the instructions, neither the material nor the table will be damaged.

In contrast to other partition walls, the Yaasa Privacy Wall is a multifunctional office accessory and can also be used as a desk partition, pinboard, privacy and noise protection as well as storage space. The Privacy Wall is characterised by a modern design in Yaasa style and, thanks to its minimalist appearance, can be easily integrated into the office, home office or co-working space.

The unique material – felt – allows the partition wall to be as flexible as possible, which is why the privacy wall can either be mounted straight on the rear edge of the tabletop or at an angle on one side of the desk. You can change the position of the desk partition at any time in a few simple steps and you can also combine two privacy walls on your desk. The Privacy Wall can be optimally combined and used with other Yaasa office accessories, such as the Yaasa Cable Management. The desk partition can also be expanded with additional hooks and a shelf, which are included in the optional accessory kit.

For us, quality and customer satisfaction come first. We therefore grant a voluntary, free guarantee of 5 years from the date of purchase for the Yaasa Privacy Wall. You can find the exact guarantee conditions here.

No, it is not possible to purchase an additional warranty extension. In principle, we offer a 5-year guarantee on Yaasa Privacy from the date of purchase.

The felt can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and common household appliances.

Privacy Wall Small (1320 x 440 x 13 mm): 2,4 kg.

Privacy Wall Medium/Large (1550 x 440 x 13 mm): 2,8 kg

The hook, which can be mounted on the adapter, has a maximum weight of 8 kg. The hook, which can be mounted on the upper edge of the felt, carries a maximum weight of 3 kg and the shelf from the accessory kit can be loaded with 4 kg.