Ergonomic Office Chair by Yaasa

Adjustable office chairs with a modern design

Ergonomic Office Chair by Yaasa.

Focused on your comfort

We create all of our products in co-creation with our customers to achieve best comfort while working.

Ergonomic and adjustable

Sitting in a bad posture for long periods of time is unhealthy and can even be damaging. Our Yaasa Chair can be adjusted to your ergonomic needs and enables you to sit healthily and comfortably.

Yaasa does not only pay attention at functionality when creating products but on unique and modern design as well.

Clean Design

Our office chair features the Signature Yaasa Design – modern, clean and minimal. It harmonizes perfectly with our Yaasa Desk Pro II and any other office desk to create a simplistic but sophisticated look.

You can assemble all products by Yaasa in no time by yourself, quick and easy with no complicated instructions.

Easy assembly

In only a few steps and minutes, your Yaasa Chair is ready to use. You do not need any prior knowledge or any specific skills to put this office chair together.

We offer 5 year warranty on office furniture by Yaasa

5 Year Warranty

The Yaasa Chair is highly adjustable and of best quality which is why we offer a 5-year warranty on our ergonomic office chair. In addition, the delivery is completely free of cost to you.

Healthy and dynamic

An ergonomic and adjustable office set-up improves your health and productivity.

An ergonomic workspace is the perfect basis for you to work healthily and efficiently long-term. Our Yaasa Chair can be adjusted to your ergonomic needs, helping to relieve tense body parts during the working day.

The Yaasa Chair is the perfect add-on to your Yaasa Desk, but is compatible with any other office desk as well. Its wheels work perfectly on both hard and soft floorings.

Adjustability in all directions

The Yaasa Chair can be adjusted to your body’s requirements, quickly and simply. Change your position effortlessly at any time to fit your individual needs.

Adjust the seat height of your Yaasa Chair for a good body posture.

1. Seat Height

First things first: you need to set the correct seat height. Sit down on your office chair with your back straight. Pay attention to your lower legs: they should be placed at 90 degree angle with the floor. On the chair, your thighs should slope downwards slightly.

To move upwards, take your weight off the seat by standing up slightly. Then, push the lever below the seat to move it up. Sit down while pushing the lever to move it down.

You can adjust the Yaasa Chair to your personal comfort by adjusting the seat depth.

2. Seat depth

Not only can you change the seat height, you can also adjust how far forward or backward you want your sitting position to be. What matters here is your personal preference: when you sit on your chair, you should be supported by the backrest while still having enough free space behind your knees.

To adjust, first sit down on your chair. Then, press the lever on your left and push the seat forward or backward. Let go of the lever to let the seat snap in.

The armrests of the Yaasa Chair can be adjusted up and down, left or right and forward or backward.

3. 3D Armrests

The armrests on your chair can be adjusted on three different axes. Forward and backward, left and right, and up and down.

Focus first on the height of your armrests. Your arms should be bent at a 90 degree angle, like your legs. Then, find a good stance for your shoulders and adjust the armrests left or right. Your arm length decides how far forward or backward you should push the armrests.

Push the buttons on the outer side of your armrests in order to move them up and down. Push the buttons on the inner side to change the other two positions.

Adjust the backrest of your Yaasa Chair according to your preferences. You can sit upright or lean back.

4. Backrest angle

A healthy posture does not mean you need to sit upright at all times – lean back once in a while! Your back will thank you for it.

Sit down on your Yaasa Chair and find the lever on the left side below your seat. Twist it counter-clockwise. This will allow you to adjust your backrest: you can lean back to recline the angle, or forward to let the support come up again. Twist the lever clockwise to fix the position.

Your backrest can be secured in four preset positions.

Reduce back pain by adjusting the lumbar support on your Yaasa Chair.

5. Lumbar support

With the help of your chair’s lumbar support, you can focus on relieving pressure on your lower spine and reducing stress on this area of your back.

Simply slide the lumbar support on the back of your backrest up or down to where it feels most comfortable for you. Pay attention to your personal comfort here: there is no rule as to how far up or down lumbar support should be. It depends entirely on your body size and comfort preferences.

Sitting on an ergonomic chair and working on a sit-stand-desk reduce shoulder pain and back pain.

6. Backrest resistance control

Last, but not least, you can adjust backrest resistance. This defines how hard or easy it should be for you to lean back in the chair. This depends on personal preference but also on your body weight. You should not feel like you are losing balance when leaning back, but you should not have to push hard either.

In order to increase the level of backrest resistance, find the knob below your seat on the right-hand side and twist the button clockwise. To lower backrest resistance, twist the same knob counter-clockwise.


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Get your Yaasa Chair rolling

The Yaasa Chair comes pre-equipped with hard wheels that are ideal for moving across carpets. On harder surfaces, such as parquet or laminate, the special Yaasa Chair hard floor wheels are the perfect choice! These exceptional castors protect your hard floor, leaving no rolling marks or scratches, while impressing with features such as load-dependent braking for a safe seated feeling. Can’t choose? In this video, you will discover just how easy it is to change the wheels on your Yaasa office chair!

Easy assembly in minutes

The Yaasa Chair is focused solely on your comfort and ergonomic needs. As with all Yaasa products, its simple assembly process means you can be up and running in just a few minutes.


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Your dynamic office set-up

If you want to be productive and efficient, a clear focus on ergonomics in the office is a must. Yaasa’s adjustable office products combine ergonomics and modern design to adjust perfectly to your ergonomic needs.
Adjustable desks by Yaasa enable you to work effectively, both while sitting and standing. The Yaasa Chair is the ideal add-on for your Yaasa office, helping you sit comfortably and healthily throughout the day.

Standing while working boosts your productivity, well-being and health.

The benefits of office ergonomics

Moving at work improves our concentration, well-being, health and productivity.

Increased productivity

When you move your body regularly, the benefits are instantly noticeable. Your metabolism is stimulated, you feel fitter, more awake and better-motivated to work productively and efficiently.

An ergonomic office chair reduces pain and improves your health and body posture.

Less pain

Constant sitting takes its toll on your entire body and can even be dangerous to your health in the long term. Through regular movement in the office, you can prevent chronic pain before it starts.

We create all of our products in co-creation with our customers to achieve best comfort while working.

Increased happiness

More energy, increased productivity and less pain: a healthy body through considered focus on office ergonomics can lead to a happier working life too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Yaasa Chair

With a minimum seat height of 44 cm and a maximum height of 56 cm, the office chair works for people of almost any height. However, it is hard to make general statements based on height, since ergonomic seating depends on more factors than just height. If you are unsure about the height of the chair, please contact our Support team at any time. We are happy to help.

The Yaasa Chair offers the best conditions for ergonomic seating. To make sure your posture is truly ergonomically correct, you will need to calibrate it for your body the first time you use the chair.

1. Seat height: Start with the seat height. Sit up straight in the chair. Make sure your feet are touching the floor. Set the seat height so that your thighs form a nearly 90° angle with your knees. Your pelvis should be a bit higher than your knees, with your thighs forming a slight downward line. This posture will keep your pelvis from tilting backward, giving your spine plenty of freedom of motion.

2. Seat depth: You can determine the right seat depth using your thighs. Sit up straight and lean your lower back against the back rest. In this position, there should be a gap of about a hand’s width between the back of your knee and the front edge of the seat. Adjust the seat depth with your personal comfort in mind, but make sure there is plenty of room for your legs and behind your knees.

3. Armrests: The position of the armrests is determined by the length of your upper arms. Place your upper arms on the armrests and adjust the height so that your upper arms form at least a 90° angle with your lower arms.
Make sure the armrests are not set too high. Otherwise, your shoulders will be pushed upward, which can cause tension. If they are too low, you will lose the positive effect of taking weight off your shoulders. Here, too, consider your personal comfort.

4. Backrest: Fundamentally, the backrest should be set so that it provides comfortable support when you are sitting up straight in the chair. However, that does not mean it can’t move when you lean on it. What’s important here is your comfort. In general, you should not be afraid to move around during your day-to-day work – and that includes leaning your upper body forward and back.

5. Lumbar support: Adjust the lumbar support so that it sits approximately at your waist. That way, the support will follow the natural curve of your spine and help relax your muscles.

6. Backrest resistance: Finally, set the resistance for your backrest. Whether you need more or less resistance depends partly on how much you weigh. Your personal comfort also plays a role here. You should not feel like you’re tipping backward, but it should also not be an effort to lean back.

After a while, you may find that you want to readjust your chosen chair settings. That is not unusual, because sitting for a long time puts significant strain on your body. Make sure to take plenty of breaks from sitting so you can stand up or move around a bit.

Take a look at our FAQs for the desks, too!

Synchronous mechanics
Synchronous mechanics promote ergonomic sitting. They connect the angle of the backrest to the angle of the seat. When you lean back, it doesn’t just change the position of the backrest – it also tilts the seat back slightly. That provides optimal support for your pelvis in every position. The mechanics encourage you to switch between different sitting positions. That relaxes your muscles, relieves the pressure on your spinal discs, and improves your circulation.

Anti-shock locking
The anti-shock locking mechanism keeps the backrest from accidentally shooting forward when you undo the lock. That prevents the backrest from slamming into your back. To undo the mechanism, lean back against the backrest and ease it out slowly.

Yes, the chair has a seat-sliding function that allows for a 5-cm adjustment.

Our range of chairs focuses exclusively on your personal comfort. So we believe it to be just as important that the entire process – from setup to operation – is as pleasant as possible for you.
• The chairs are delivered pre-assembled, so they are very easy to set up. You can easily put them together by yourself in just a few minutes.
• The design of the Yaasa Chair is both classic and modern. In choosing the materials, we made sure the chairs perfectly complemented the Yaasa Desks. However, thanks to their clean design, the Yaasa Chairs also look great with other desks.
• Ergonomics is an important priority for the Yaasa Chair. You can adjust the chair to your body’s specific needs.

The Yaasa Chair is produced by a well-known manufacturer in Taiwan.

Yes, the Yaasa Chair has been tested for office use, and it meets the standards for safety, durability and stability as per DIN EN 1335-2 and ANSI/BIFMA x5.1.

The office chair’s polyurethane rollers are mainly designed for carpeted floors but can also be used on hardwood or laminate floorings.

The frame is made of plastic, and the seat is 3D molded foam (polyurethane foam). The seat cover is 100% polyester, and the backrest is 34% polyester, 58% polyamide, and 8% polyacrylic. The 4D armrests are made of plastic with a polyurethane finish. The base is polished aluminum or plastic. The chair has hard rollers made of polyurethane (suitable for carpets).

The minimum seat height is 44 cm, and the maximum height is 56 cm.

The weight limit for the chair is 130 kg.

The Yaasa Chair comes in one standard size. However, it offers a variety of settings so it can be adjusted for different people.

The pre-assembled office chair is delivered to your doorstep in a cardboard box. The instructions provided in the package give you a step-by-step explanation of how to set up the chair.

Setting up the chair only takes a couple of minutes. You can easily do it by yourself, without any special expertise. The chair arrives pre-assembled. You can find a video demonstrating the setup here.

For us quality and customer satisfaction come first. We therefore provide a voluntary, free 5-year guarantee from the date of purchase on the Yaasa Chair. You can find the exact guarantee condition here.

No, it is not possible to purchase an additional guarantee extension. In general, we offer a 5-year guarantee on the Yaasa Desk Pro II from the date of purchase.