You can adjust the height of the Yaasa Desk Pro II in seconds on a touch of a button.

Where you can see our products

Yaasa is a young, enthusiastic, and authentic company. We believe that our products help people in their everyday working life and that they improve physical and mental wellbeing in the long term. You won’t find our products in empty, sterile showrooms. Instead, you can find them in the places, where they are actively used – in offices, coworking spaces and home offices in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Experience our products in real working environments

By now, many of our customers have become genuine Yaasa fans and have happily agreed to show prospective customers their Yaasa desks in real working environments. Contact us to book an appointment for your showroom visit and get a better picture of our products. Our customers will be happy to show you their Yaasa Desks at their workplace, but if you have any questions about our products or if you need further information, please contact Yaasa: write us an e-mail to or call us.

Check out the list of these locations below. Nothing near you? No worry: other locations are already being planned and will be added to the list in due course.

Interested in showing your own Yaasa products? Contact us:


we love pr münchen agency - experience Yaasa products here

we love PR in Munich

welovepr from Munich focuses on strategic and skilfully applied communication in various fields – from corporate PR to VIP endorsements. The agency is a creative hub which operates consistently and places brands optimally on the market.

Ungererstraße 129 | 80805 Munich

yaasa showroom in Braunschweig

Werkstädte in Braunschweig

Werkstädte values creativity: whether they’re creating materials for print, point of sale, web or social media, the company is always thinking about the next fresh idea for customer success. With Yaasa desks in their offices and workshops, the  Werkstädte delivers the ideal conditions for outstanding creative work: from first idea to the finished product.

Drömlingweg 52 | 38108 Braunschweig

Please make an appointment under + 49 178 1885262



Yaasa GmbH in Spacelend in Graz

Spacelend provides a perfect environment for productivity, creativity and networking, right in the heart of Graz. Fully-equipped with Yaasa Desks, the location offers a unique, flexible work experience that empowers creatives to come together and exchange ideas in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re working individually or collaboratively, Spaceland is the best setting for a productive working experience. 

Neubaugasse 24 | 8020 Graz

Make an appointment via Email at or under + 43 72 088 27 04

weXelerate Vienna - experience Yaasa products here

Leaders21 in weXelerate in Vienna

Located in the heart of Vienna, weXelerate is the right place when it comes to innovations. The platform supports businesses at furtherance in innovation initiatives and provides an unique stage for up-and-coming start-ups from all over the world. You can have a look at our desks upon advance notification at the company Leaders21.

Praterstraße 1 | 1020 Vienna


niceshops in Paldau

That’s nice! Niceshops develops and runs online product shops for various industries all over Europe. Maybe you already made a purchase through Niceshops. We at Yaasa are happy to work with Niceshops as our logistic partner.

Saaz 99 | 8341 Paldau


yaasa showroom at the cowering lounge tessinerplatz in Zurich Switzerland

Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz in Zurich

The Coworking Lounge at Tessinerplatz is located in the heart of Zurich and offers a range of perfectly-equipped workplaces, complete with adjustable desks by Yaasa. In addition to coworking desk space, visitors to the Lounge can also access meeting rooms and teamwork offices: the perfect setting for coworkers to demonstrate their passion for collaboration.

Tessinerplatz 7 | 8002 Zurich

Make an appointment via E-Mail at or under +41 71 223 16 20

yaasa showroom at the cowering space p15 in Biel Switzerland

Coworking Space P15 – La Werkstadt in Biel

The P15 in Biel is a coworking space that offers a unique, productive working atmosphere for solo entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers. In such a diverse and motivated environment, mutual support, feedback and inspiration is delivered as standard. In addition to individual workplaces, P15 offers creative rooms that can host workshops, meetings and training sessions.

Johann Aberli Strasse 15 | 2503 Biel

Make an appointment via E-Mail at or under +41 71 223 16 20

Leo Coworking Space Switzerland showroom for yaasa

Leo&Co | Coworking St. Gallen

The Leo Co-Working Space in St. Gallen provides space for ideas. It’s a place for thought exchange, networking and collaboration. Leo offers fixed as well as flexible workplaces in the heart of St. Gallen for concentrated and creative work.

St. Leonhardstrasse 45 | 9001 St. Gallen

Make an appointment via E-Mail at or under +41 71 223 16 20

Business testimonials

Here you have the opportunity to find out more about the experiences of different companies with Yaasa. Some of our “showroom partners” have shared their experiences after their purchase with us.

Since November 2019 we are proud owners of two white Yaasa Desk Pro. As a marketing and communication agency, sitting while working was our daily routine at our company in Salzburg – so far, we were working on conventional static desks. The Yaasa Desks are our first experience with height adjustable furniture and already now we can confidently say: we are thrilled!

Meetings or design creations while standing? That’s our new normal. The desks turned into real communication hubs, where we enjoy occasional chatting with our colleagues. The puristic design of the Desks Pro perfectly integrates into our workspace and the assembly was entirely uncomplicated.

We do not want to miss alternating between sitting and standing in our office anymore; our bodies appreciate it. And who knows, maybe there will be more additions to the Yaasa Desk family at our workspace.


Christian from CH Communications

Tell us – how do you like your Yaasa Desk Pro?

We’ve been working with Yaasa for already a year. For quite some time, the Yaasa online shop is our “baby” and because we spend a lot of the time working on that, we really wanted to try out the advantages of the products ourselves. I will not address if that’s the case with all other products we sell through our online shop, but with Yaasa it certainly is.

For a few months now, we are flexible at work, both sitting and standing. It does not matter who is working at the Yaasa Desk – it can be adjusted in no time. Personally, I don’t ever want to work on a static desk again. Who once starts working ergonomically won’t change back to old working habits that easily. In the meantime, we own about 50 Yaasa Desks and from the first day on we are extremely pleased with the price, quality, and functionality.

Most of the day I now spend both virtually and physically working with Yaasa. And that’s very nice.

What has changed concretely?

I’m not that worn out at the end of the workday anymore. Of course, I’m a bit exhausted, but after sitting for eight hours at work, you only want to lie down in your bed. Here I see a big difference.

The Desk also stimulates communication in our team. We occasionally meet for a cup of coffee on our standing desk. In contrast, at a sitting desk this doesn’t happen often. All of us really like that.


Dario from NiceShops

The assembly of the desk was uncomplicated, the instruction manual is understandable. The single components are stable and very nice, and the tabletop is high-quality. The adjustment of the desk height is easy and simple.

The Desk doesn’t only impress due to its clean and classic design, but also due to its high-quality production and the simple handling. I will order more Desks.


Beatrice from welovePR

We’ve had a Yaasa Desk and a Yaasa chair for a few weeks now, ready to use for our co-workers. The chair is super comfortable and easily adjusted to the worker’s body. What we like most about the desk is its slim and elegant design.


Adrian, Leo&Co | Coworking St. Gallen

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