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Yaasa focuses on adjustability and design and thereby guarantees ergonomic working conditions. For fewer sick days, improved well-being, and increased productivity at work – a smart and affordable solution for everyone.

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Why Yaasa is the right choice for SMEs

Special Conditions For Companies

We offer various special conditions and bulk pricing for SMEs. By buying 5 desks, you can already benefit from our special conditions!

30 Days Free Trial Period

You are not quite certain yet if Yaasa is the right choice for your company? No problem! You can try out your first desk free of charge for 30 days.

Office ergonomics – Sitting and standing at work

Alternating between sitting and standing at work is essential to stay healthy, free of pain and productive. An adjustable desk and an ergonomic office chair are therefore the basic equipment of every company.

The benefits of sitting and standing at work

Less Back Pain

A study* proved that alternating between sitting and standing at work can reduce back pain and neck pain by up to 54%.

Improved Well-being

Alternating between sitting and standing improves your well-being as well: 65% of the participants of one survey* reported that their well-being has improved after changing to a sit-stand-desk.

Increased Productivity

Sitting for long periods of time negatively affects your physical and mental health. Alternating between sitting and standing improves your circulation and increases your metabolism and thereby brings benefits for your productivity, as a study* proved.

The ideal solution for your company

co-working spaces flexibles arbeiten

Perfect for Start-ups

Due to its modern design, Yaasa furniture can be effortlessly integrated into every office. The height-adjustable desks and office chairs can be adjusted any time on the touch of a button and they aren’t more expensive than comparable non-adjustable ergonomic office furniture.

An upgrade for co-working spaces

Yaasa Desks create balance to desks without height-adjustment and they can be used any time for meetings or workshops while standing. All Yaasa furniture adjusts simply and uncomplicated to every person and guarantees a healthy body posture both when sitting and standing.

Your Benefits At Yaasa

Modern Design

Yaasa products impress due to their clean design which effortlessly integrates into every workspace.

Healthy and Ergonomic

Office furniture by Yaasa can be effortlessly adjusted any time to individual and different ergonomic needs .

Easy Assembly

Our products are delivered pre-assembled.  Therefore, the assembly is uncomplicated and quick.

Free Delivery

All Yaasa products are shipped to you for free. We bear all costs and the shipping is completely free of charge for you.

Still not convinced? Try out our desk for 30 days for free!

Electrically height-adjustable desks are an investment that pays off both immediately and in the long run. If you are, however, still not sure whether Yaasa is the right choice for you and your company, you have the possibility to test the desk for 30 days free of charge. That way you and your co-workers can try out the desk to your heart’s content.