The new Yaasa Cable Management

Our workplaces are getting more and more networked and wired. Laptop, smartphone, printer and other devices are standard equipment of every office or home office. All of these office devices result in a huge amount of cables which can quickly evolve to cable clutter. To ensure more comfort and flexibility in your work environment, in addition to the Yaasa Desk Pro II we have developed an extraordinary cable solution.

The Yaasa Cable Management is no ordinary cable tray. Like other Yaasa products, it is highly adjustable, flexible and comes in a modern design. In a few points we want to explain why our Cable Management is something really special and how it can enrich your everyday office life.

An overview of the extraordinary Cable Management

The Yaasa Cable Management can be described in lots of ways, but surely not as “just a cable tray”. But what are the characteristics that distinguish the Yaasa Cable Management from other cable trays? Our innovative cable solution impresses especially due to the following features:

  • Modern, clean design
  • Adjustable in volume (three positions)
  • Two different assembly positions
  • Quick and easy adjustment of size and assembly positions
  • Easy mounting and handling 
  • Fits to all office desks 
  • Very simple assembly to the Yaasa Desk Pro II

Why do you need a Cable Management?

Stashing cables, chargers and power strips in one place has various advantages that facilitate your everyday working life. One of the most important ones is neatness. With a cable tray you can get rid of cable clutter that is a dust catcher in your office. In that way you can tidy up your desk and the space below your desk. Once your work environment is free from annoying cables, nothing will impair your productivity at work anymore.

Not less important is the safety at your workplace which is ensured by using a cable management. If your cables lie unorganized on the floor, they can cause a risk of stumbling. To prevent that, you should collect and stash them safely in a cable tray so that they don’t turn into an obstacle for you, your colleagues or your customers.

Tidy up your desk with the Yaasa Cable Management.

Moreover, cables that are lying on the floor or on the desk often get damaged or broken. People tend to pull at them in order to free them from cable clutter or they accidentally step on them. However, if you stash them in a cable management, you can prevent the damage. At the same time you will save money that you would otherwise spend on buying new cables.

Last but not least we want to mention the waste of time and stress that you can save yourself with an efficient cable tray. You will never again need to desperately search for the right cable or to deal with cable spaghetti. With the flexible Yaasa Cable Management you can quickly and easily add and unplug different office devices. This often turns into a real challenge without a cable management because cables tend to merge into a cable clutter.

“Cable trays aren’t stylish” – the Yaasa Cable Management certainly is!

You already know that you need a cable tray but at the same time you believe that add-ons made of plastic or metal aren’t stylish? During the product development process, Yaasa focuses not only on functionality but on appearance as well. Therefore, we created our Cable Management in a minimalistic and timeless design. The Yaasa cable tray is made of robust, resilient felt, which lives up to our requirements on maximum flexibility and modern, clean design.

Felt is an unique material that enables maximum flexibility of your Cable Management.

Felt meets the newest office trends and ensures a comfortable, modern look of your workplace. Unlike materials that are usually being used in working spaces, like glass or metal, felt is a natural material. It enabled us to design the Yaasa Cable Management just as we imagined it: flexible with different adjustment possibilities and impressive due to its modern, clean design.

Three different sizes

It doesn’t matter how many cables, chargers or power strips you want to stash: the Yaasa Cable Management is the perfect solution. Thanks to the various adjustment possibilites you can easily adjust the size of the cable tray to your personal requirements. You can choose between three different sizes, large, medium or small, and adjust the volume anytime within seconds. With only one hand movement you can make more (or less) space in your Yaasa Cable Management.

Depending on the selected size, you have between 9 and 15 liters volume at your disposal in the Yaasa Cable Management. That is enough for a large power strip, various cables for your office devices and excess cable length. Moreover, you can change the volume size even when the cable tray is fully loaded.

Two different assembly positions

Most of the cable trays on the market were developed to be hidden under the desk. However, you can mount the Yaasa Cable Management also over the edge of your desk. Due to its unique design, the Cable Management isn’t only a practical add-on but a statement-piece as well. It gives your workspace a one-of-a-kind look and turns your office desk into a true designer piece of furniture.

The Vaasa Cable Management can be mounted over the edge of your desk.
You can hide the Yaasa Cable Management under your desk as well.

You prefer a more simple look? No problem, you can make your cable management disappear under your desk as well. You decide if your cable tray will be eye-catching or not, the style completely depends on your individual preferences. You can adjust the assembly position anytime and you don’t have to remove the cables from the Cable Management beforehand.

Easy handling

You’re done with work for today? Or do you need to hurry to a meeting? No need to worry: You can open the Cable Management and remove required cables in a single step! The cable tray can be opened and closed from below and from the front side as well. You can stash your cables and chargers effortlessly again too when you return to your workplace.

You can adjust your Cable Management in only a few steps.

Quick and easy assembly

Yaasa focuses on simplicity. Therefore, you can mount the Cable Management onto your desk quickly and effortlessly, without complicated instructions. You can assemble your new cable tray in only a few steps and within minutes. The new Yaasa Desk Pro II is already preassembled for the Yaasa Cable Management so you can simply screw the new add-on to the desk, without drilling.

The Yaasa Cable Management fits to the Yaasa Desk Pro and Yaasa Desk Light as well and it can also be used with other desks by different manufacturers. In the package you get an assembly guide and all other needed information about your new cable tray. Morever, you get a drilling template which additionally facilitates the assembly of the Yaasa Cable Management.

Quick and easy assembly is one of the highlights of the Yaasa Cable Management.

What else do you need for a flexible and ergonomic workplace?

The Yaasa Cable Management tidies up your workplace and provides a comfortable and productive working environment. However, you need adjustable and ergonomic office furniture to improve your health and boost your productivity and energy.

Yaasa focuses on adjustable office furniture that meets all individual requirements. Our height adjustable Yaasa Desk Pro II enables alternating between sitting and standing at work. That way you can move more frequently during your everyday working life, prevent back pain and improve your well-being. The new adjustable desk is quiet, quick and equipped with various smart additional functions. For optimum sitting comfort, we developed the unique Yaasa Chair. Its 6 different adjustment possibilities enable the adjustment of the Chair to your personal preferences. This ensures an ergonomic body posture while sitting and enables you to sit healthily and comfortably.

The Yaasa Cable Management is the perfect add-on to the Yaasa Desk Pro II.

You can buy the Yaasa Cable Management and other Yaasa products in our online shop. If you want to learn more about our way of working and our product development process, have a look at our Behind the Scenes page. Do you have further questions about our Yaasa Cable Management, other products or flexibility and ergonomics at work in general? Contact us, we are happy to help!

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