The New Yaasa Desk Frame – Our First Height-Adjustable Table Frame

It can do (almost) everything — the first electrically height-adjustable table frame from Yaasa is finally here! We’re excited to welcome a new “half brother” to the Yaasa Desk family: sprinkling innovation onto the tried and trusted features of our existing adjustable tables. In the following article, you’ll find out what makes our Yaasa Desk Frame so special, how it works, and what distinguishes it from the rest of the Yaasa Desk Family.

Create your own sit-stand-desk.

All the features, at a glance

The Yaasa Desk Frame is your new base: a stable platform to create the workspace of your dreams. With epic versatility, this groundbreaking product offers more freedom and individual design than any Yaasa product before. With an adjustment range of 60 cm to 126 cm, alongside a maximum load capacity of 100kg, we provide you with the basics for you to realize your design ideas! 

We’ve kept simplicity at the top of the agenda: the Yaasa Desk Frame, delivered to you in a single package, only needs a tabletop and to transform into a premium sit-stand desk! Everything else is in the box: a hand switch for operating the table and saving your favorite positions, an integrated anti-collision sensor, and of course our legendarily smooth height-adjustable technology.

For tomorrow’s meetings

The Yaasa Desk Frame signals a new beginning for teamwork: our first product built with the creation of height-adjustable meeting room tables in mind. The table frame has been expertly designed and developed in Europe to work perfectly under oval-shaped and oversized tabletops, allowing you to quite literally take your meetings to a higher level. 

At Yaasa, high-performance is a minimum requirement. The “core” of the table is hidden discretely inside each leg powerful technology developed over an extensive R&D process by our European mechatronic partners with over 20 years of experience in mechatronics. Our offering is specially tailored for corporate clients: each Yaasa Desk or Yaasa Desk frame can be equipped just as your company needs it. Your team and clients will thank you too: sitting and standing meetings not only make a good impression, they also keep you and your colleagues healthy, reduce tension and pain, and adapt effortlessly to almost all body sizes.


Create a healthier workplace.

For the whole family

All Yaasa desks are suitable for families and children: the Yaasa Desk Frame, with a minimum height of 60 cm, adapts perfectly to your child’s needs, growing with them thanks to infinitely variable height adjustment. 

By adding an aesthetic, child-friendly tabletop to the Yaasa Desk Frame, you can make a splash in your child’s room or living room. Whether you use your Yaasa desk for arts and crafts, reading, writing, or arithmetic, your first step to an ergonomic success story is always the Yaasa Desk Frame!

The desk for DIY lovers

Are you more of a “hands-on” type? Want a height-adjustable table that cannot simply be bought off the shelf? The Yaasa Desk Frame is the right choice for you! While our fully-fitted Yaasa Desks come with high-quality surfaces as standard, the Yaasa Desk Frame allows you to set your imagination free. Whether you’re a talented DIY artist or simply have other ideas, you can create the adjustable desk you always wanted. Solid wood? Why not! Creative carvings and personalized engraving? Sure! Bamboo? Go for it! Anything is possible with a Yaasa Desk Frame! 

We describe the Yaasa Desk Frame as “Framing your Style” — and we mean it. This awesome product offers space for creativity to both craftsmen and beginners to customize their furnishings while providing all the benefits of a superbly-engineered sit-stand table!

Choose your favorite tabletop.


The Yaasa Desk Frame shares many characteristics with our existing desks. However, this is a completely new product, designed consciously to maximize flair and individualism! When you order a Yaasa Desk Frame, the table frame and a control element is already included: the rest of the design is entirely up to you. 

However you customize your Yaasa Desk Frame, each product delivers full Yaasa power and all the advantages of ergonomic working, whatever your preferences, whatever your size.  

Read more about how the product stacks up to see whether this height-adjustable table frame is the right choice for you.


Yaasa Desk Frame vs. Yaasa Desk Basic vs. Yaasa Desk Pro II

Yaasa Desk Frame Yaasa Desk Basic Yaasa Desk Pro II
Table size (L x W of the tabletop) Customizable.

Maximum 200 x 80 cm (LxW)

135 x 70 cm 139 x 75 cm 160 x 80 cm 180 x 80 cm
Tabletop thickness no tabletop included in the package

Allowed tabletop thickness
at least 18 mm

18 mm 18 mm
Adjustment Range 60 – 126 cm 71 – 119 cm 62 – 128 cm
Weight 25,00 kg 32,00 kg 36,64 kg 39,50 kg 41,41 kg
Max. Load 100 kg excl. tabletop 80 kg 80 kg
Tabletop Colors Silbery-white table top with dark grey tabletop edge 

Anthracite table top with black tabletop edge

Offwhite / Acacia / Oak (depending on the size)
Key Lock No No Yes
Anti-Collision Sensor Yes Yes Yes
Handset integrated into tabletop No, included in delivery No Yes
Memory function (saved positions) Yes, 4 Positions No Yes, 2 Positions
Delivered pre-assembled Yes No Yes
Designed and produced by Yaasa Yes Yes Yes
Manufactured in Europe Yes Yes Yes
Free delivery Yes Yes Yes
Price 428€ 498€ (135 x 70 cm) 578€ (139 x 75 cm) 598€ (160 x 80 cm) 629€ (180 x 80 cm)

What you know and love

Ergonomic advantages

Even if the Yaasa Desk Frame is supplied without a tabletop, it still has all the essential advantages in terms of workplace ergonomics. The core benefit of a sit-stand table is the ability to change positions effortlessly while working. This has scientifically-proven benefits for office workers: changing regularly between sitting and standing protects your spine, strengthens your muscles, and prevents tension. 

We report in detail here the advantages of height-adjustable desks. For workers, employers, and even children, the advantages are obvious: if we can work healthier and more productively, we will be happier. Everyone wins with a height-adjustable desk.

Original quality

Our tables and table frames are made to measure for you: not resellers or greedy vendors. Our engineering team designs, develops, and tests each Yaasa Desk themselves, including the all-new Yaasa Desk Frame. You won’t find an office table like Yaasa’s on the market: our products are completely unique and designed for you to feel that all around.

Simply Yaasa

In recent years, Yaasa has proven itself as a quality manufacturer for electrically height-adjustable tables with a focus on modern design and adaptability. As a young, dynamic and European team, we work closely together with our customers to maintain the personal connection that makes our products special. Our model also makes it easy for business customers: we are happy to make you individual offers and offer you a free trial with our tables and office products.

We create modern and adjustable furniture for your workspace.
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