Yaasa Desk Basic vs. Desk Pro II

Which Height-Adjustable Desk is Right for Me?

So you’ve finally decided to make the leap and invest in an ergonomically-promotive future for your office or home office? Congratulations! You’re joining millions of people worldwide who are improving their posture, health and productivity with the help of sit-stand height-adjustable furniture. 

While we’re sure you’ll be convinced of the benefits of Yaasa’s precision-engineered range of modern office equipment, there is still an important question to be answered: do you need the Yaasa Desk Basic or the Yaasa Desk Pro II? In this post, we aim to find out.


A World of Possibilities 

Before we look at the differences between the two tables, it is worth mentioning that both products have a lot in common. Whenever you buy a height-adjustable desk from Yaasa, you can be sure that you’ll always get the following as standard:

  • Ergonomic excellence. Every height-adjustable desk by Yaasa allows you to change effortlessly between sitting and standing positions throughout the workday. Say goodbye to back pain, lethargy and the potential for chronic illness through continued sitting and welcome in a healthier new world.
  • Peace of mind. Both tables are built using high-quality metals that contribute greatly to a smooth, stable, and above all safe adjustable product. Movement is swift, smooth and quiet: everything you’d need from your height-adjustable workspace and more.
  • Superb technology. Finally, both the Yaasa Desk Basic and the Yaasa Desk Pro II feature intelligent electronic and mechanical components that ensure that whenever you’re ready to work, your desk is too.


Looking Good





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