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Every adjustable desk by Yaasa is designed with a clear priority: to improve your working life. Our intense focus on the concept of adjustability exhibits itself through our clean, modern designs and unbeatable quality — the best choice for your workspace or home office. To complete your office setup, why not try out the Yaasa Chair and experience the benefits of the innovative Yaasa Cable Management, the multifunctional Yaasa Privacy Wall and modern Yaasa File Cabinet?

Which Yaasa Desk is for you?

Yaasa Desk Basic

Yaasa Desk Basic Produkt Familie

The Yaasa Desk Basic is the perfect choice for those who want to concentrate on the essential without compromising quality. This desk comes in a simplified design and can be placed into every office or homeoffice due to its space-saving size.

  • Simple design with pronounced edges
  • Space-saving size (135 x 70 cm)
  • Available in two colors
  • Electrically adjustable (71 – 120 cm)
  • EUR 448,- with free shipping

Yaasa Desk Pro II

Yaasa Desk Pro II Produkt Familie

The Yaasa Desk Pro II combines functionality and performance with stunningly elegant styling. It’s the optimum solution for users who just want more: more design, more features, more comfort.

  • Elegant design with rounded edges
  • Available in three sizes and six colors
  • Smart functions, including memory function
  • Electrically adjustable (62 – 128 cm)
  • from EUR 598,- with free shipping

Yaasa Desk One

The Yaasa Desk One is the smallest height-adjustable table among all Yaasa Desks. It was developed to suit the needs of small workspaces, be it at the office, in co-working-spaces or at home.

  • Modern and unique design
  • Available in two colors
  • Compact table size (91 x 51 cm)
  • Electrically adjustable (70 – 120 cm)
  • EUR 398,- with free shipping

Yaasa Desk Frame

The Yaasa Desk Frame is unique: just like the people who use it! Unleash your creativity with this adjustable and high-performance table frame by adding the tabletop of your dreams yourself.

  • Electrically height-adjustable desk frame (60-126 cm)
  • Available in two colors
  • For combination with individual tabletops (120 – 200 cm)
  • Includes handset and collision sensor
  • EUR 468,- with free shipping

Your adjustable desk from Yaasa

The Yaasa Desk Pro II is available in different colours so that it can integrate to every workspace.

Different Sizes

Our innovative, clever product design enables us to offer Yaasa Desks in a variety of sizes, from compact and narrow to wide and deep. This flexibility allows us to meet the individual space and room requirements of each and every customer. The Yaasa Desk Frame is additionally adjustable in its size. Therefore, tabletops with a length of 120 to 200 cm and a width of 70 to 80 cm can be mounted on the frame.

One desk for all

Yaasa Desks can be effortlessly integrated into every workspace – at home, in co-working spaces, or in the office. For business customers, we offer the wide-ranging customization possibilities needed to achieve a smooth transition to Yaasa office furniture. Better still, if you order 5 or more Yaasa desks, you can try out our height-adjustable office range for 30 days free of charge.


You can work sitting or standing on your Yaasa Desk Pro II and change the height position anytime.
The technology beneath the Yaasa Desk Pro II enables best performance, quiet and quick height adjustment.

What’s inside matters

The latest generation of Yaasa Desks are equipped with expertly-modernized, more-powerful adjustable technology. Smooth motion, low noise levels and premium robustness are the result of all the things you can’t see: outstanding technology on the inside of the desk. For your safety and comfort, we’ve also equipped our full range with highly-sensitive collision sensors.

Each improvement combines to guarantee stability, sensitivity, and an even higher safety level in every desk we produce. We are completely convinced of the high quality of our desks and therefore offer a 5-year warranty.

Authentically Yaasa

Our desks are unique on the market because we make every single bit of them. From initial concept to finished product, our team oversees every aspect of development. We design and create every detail and every surface ourselves, selling directly to customers to ensure the best possible prices. It’s special, it’s affordable, it’s Yaasa.

Yaasa designs all products with the focus on design and functionality.
Mounting desk casters on height adjustable desk

Get your Yaasa Desk moving!

Your desk does not necessarily have to occupy a fixed place in your home or office. With the Yaasa Desk Wheels you can move your height-adjustable desk quickly and easily from one place to another and use it as you wish. Simply screw on the four castors and your desk is ready to roll!

Everything for your Office

We focus on creating height-adjustable desks that stand out due to their clean design and high functionality. To complete your workplace, we also work on smart office accessories. While the Yaasa Cable Management keeps your desk free of cable clutter, our Yaasa Privacy Wall provides privacy and noise protection at every workplace. The modern Yaasa File Cabinet provides enough space to store your documents and office supplies and thereby keeps your workspace tidy and organized.

With the Yaasa Cable Management you can hide and stash all your cables and tidy your desk.

Change your way of working

Regular periods of standing at work increase not only your productivity and creativity, but also reduce health risks. Height-adjustable desks by Yaasa enable uncomplicated and smooth height-adjustment, meaning that an ergonomic body posture, both when sitting and standing, is far easier to achieve.

Standing while working boosts your productivity, well-being and health.

Wellbeing and health

Regular movement, aided by transitions between sitting and standing positions, can increase your wellbeing as productivity, as well as protect your body from tension and back pain.


You can adjust the height of your Yaasa Desk Pro II in only a few seconds on a touch of a button.

Flexibility and adjustability

Our products focus on adjustability. Our desks, chairs and accessory products are adjustable and customizable in so many different ways: empowering you to design your ergonomic office as uniquely and creatively as possible.


An office furnished with products by Yaasa is ergonomical and provides adjustability and movement while working.

Functionality and design

Yaasa means quality, both in the products we produce and the service we provide. Smooth handling, excellent customer experience and modern design are at the heart of our philosophy.


Your benefits at Yaasa

All products by Yaasa are delivered to your doorstep and the shipping is free of charge.

Free delivery

All Yaasa products are shipped to you in one or two compact packages. Shipping is always free of charge. You can also count on us if you decide to return a product.

You can assemble all products by Yaasa in no time by yourself, quick and easy with no complicated instructions.

Easy assembly

Don’t worry about a complicated assembly process: each Yaasa desk was developed so that you can assemble it in no time by yourself. Your desk is delivered partially pre-assembled to get you going even faster.

We offer 5 year warranty on office furniture by Yaasa

5 Year Warranty

Electrically height-adjustable desks by Yaasa are equipped with outstanding technology which ensures top performance. We offer a 5-year warranty on our desks and thereby we assure their high quality, durability and robustness!

Yaasa does not only focus on high-quality products but also on the satisfaction of our customers.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions, requests or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Book a virtual appointment and get to know our products, the Yaasa team will answer all your questions.

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