Yaasa Desk Basic

Smaller. Simpler. Easier.

Yaasa Desk Basic

With the Yaasa Desk Basic, we’ve introduced an important new member to the Yaasa product family – smaller, lighter and more intuitive than ever before. As with the Yaasa Desk Pro II, premium stability, technology and performance are delivered as standard. This intelligent office desk is the perfect choice for health-conscious users who want to concentrate on the essentials without compromising on quality.

Products by Yaasa are high quality and designed for the optimal comfort of our customers.

Yaasa Desk Basic
€ 498

  • Electrically height-adjustable (71 – 120 cm)
  • Quiet, intuitive and smooth drive
  • Easy assembly and high stability
  • Modern, simplified design
  • Available in 135 x 70 cm in two color options
Desk Basic OffWhite

Basically awesome

The height adjustable Yaasa Desk Pro II brings maximum adjustability, flexibility and ergonomics to your workplace.


With smooth, simple adjustability, the Yaasa Desk Basic ensures an easily-achievable ergonomic body posture both when sitting and standing. Adjustable at the touch of a button, this flexibility protects your body, improves overall health and can even increase your productivity.

The Yaasa Desk Pro II is equipped with various smart functions that bring even more comfort to your everyday working life.


The Yaasa Desk Basic does not need any extras. With simple upward and downward movement, the desk is intuitively usable and provides countless benefits to your health. However, thanks to its pre-assembled tabletop, you can mount important accessories, including Yaasa Cable Management, onto your desk without any extra effort.

The Yaasa Desk Pro II is characterized by best performance, smooth height adjustment and various smart functions.

Pro technology

While its simple, standard look contrasts with the more expansive Yaasa Desk Pro II, the Yaasa Desk Basic is not one bit less powerful. The quiet, yet rapid motors in the desk ensure prompt height-adjustment without lags. In addition to a smooth driving experience, the desk also features a highly sensitive anti-collision sensor.

Yaasa does not only pay attention at functionality when creating products but on unique and modern design as well.

Clean design

Yaasa stands for modern and considered design. The Yaasa Desk Basic is no different: with clean, straight edges, elegant surfaces and a utilitarian handswitch mounted beneath the tabletop, it fits perfectly into the Yaasa product line and every office space.

To the point

Desk Basic Product Family

Simply the One

The Yaasa Desk Basic makes it easy: one size, one function. The simplicity of this excellent adjustable office desk provides an uncomplicated and intuitive user experience. The handswitch is located beneath the tabletop, leaving the entire tabletop available for you to use. The desk is the right choice for anyone that appreciates the benefits of a height-adjustable desk, but wants to concentrate only on the most necessary features.

A desk that fits

Just like other Yaasa Desks, the Yaasa Desk Basic can be effortlessly integrated into every workspace – whether it’s at home, in co-working spaces, or at the office.

For business customers, we offer the wide-ranging customization possibilities needed to achieve a smooth transition to Yaasa office furniture. Better still, if you order 5 or more Yaasa desks, you can try out our height-adjustable office range for 30 days free of charge.

Yaasa Desk Basic Product View
Yaasa designs all products with the focus on design and functionality.

Authentically Yaasa

Our desks are unique on the market because we make every single bit of them. From initial concept to finished product, our team oversees every aspect of development. We design and create every detail and every surface ourselves, selling directly to customers to ensure the best possible prices. It’s special, it’s affordable, it’s Yaasa.

Ready to work with the Yaasa Chair

Office chairs by Yaasa combine ergonomics with modern design to impress with their unique sitting comfort. The Yaasa Chair adapts perfectly to your individual ergonomic needs thanks to its six different adjustment possibilities.

The Yaasa Chair comes in two different colours and enables maximum adjustability and ergonomics while sitting.
Yaasa Cable Management

Keep it tidy with Yaasa Cable Management

The Yaasa Desk Basic offers ample space for quick mounting of the Yaasa Cable Management system: a smarter way to keep your workspace clean and tidy. Our cable tray combines clever functionality with classic, clean Yaasa design, focusing on innovation and flexibility. Compatibility with the Yaasa Cable Management and other planned add-ons means our desks offer flexibility and adjustability in every sense. We’ll grow to meet all the requirements of your ideal ergonomic workplace, now and into the future.

Light-weight packages and easy assembly

Uncomplicated assembly is always a key objective when we design and develop a new desk.  The Yaasa Desk Basic is delivered in two packages and can be assembled faster than other conventional adjustable desks. You can find the detailed assembly instructions here.

Change your way of working

Regular periods of standing at work increase not only your productivity and creativity, but also reduce health risks. Height-adjustable desks by Yaasa enable uncomplicated and smooth height-adjustment, meaning that an ergonomic body posture, both when sitting and standing, is far easier to achieve.

Standing while working boosts your productivity, well-being and health.

Wellbeing and health

Regular movement, aided by transitions between sitting and standing positions, can increase your wellbeing as productivity, as well as protect your body from tension and back pain.


You can adjust the height of your Yaasa Desk Pro II in only a few seconds on a touch of a button.

Flexibility and adjustability

Our products focus on adjustability. Our desks, chairs and accessory products are adjustable and customizable in so many different ways: empowering you to design your ergonomic office as uniquely and creatively as possible.


An office furnished with products by Yaasa is ergonomical and provides adjustability and movement while working.

Functionality and design

Yaasa means quality, both in the products we produce and the service we provide. Smooth handling, excellent customer experience and modern design are at the heart of our philosophy.


Your benefits at Yaasa

All products by Yaasa are delivered to your doorstep and the shipping is free of charge.

Free delivery

All Yaasa products are shipped to you in one or two compact packages. Shipping is always free of charge. You can also count on us if you decide to return a product.

You can assemble all products by Yaasa in no time by yourself, quick and easy with no complicated instructions.

Easy assembly

Don’t worry about a complicated assembly process: each Yaasa desk was developed so that you can assemble it in no time by yourself. Your desk is delivered partially pre-assembled to get you going even faster.

We create all of our products in co-creation with our customers to achieve best comfort while working.

Designed for your comfort

Yaasa products were designed to assist you in your everyday life. They adjust to your needs at the touch of a button, allowing you to change your position effortlessly and always maintain an ergonomic posture.

Yaasa does not only focus on high-quality products but also on the satisfaction of our customers.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions, requests or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to provide advice on our products and ergonomic working in general.