Yaasa Desk Frame

Framing your Style.

The new Yaasa Desk Frame.

An office desk just the way you want it? From now on it is possible with the new Yaasa Desk Frame! Our height-adjustable table frame can be combined with individual tabletops. That way you get maximum power and performance in the table legs while creating a unique desk with your own tabletop!

Products by Yaasa are high quality and designed for the optimal comfort of our customers.

Yaasa Desk Frame
€ 468

  • Electrically height-adjustable table frame
  • Height adjustment from 60 to 126 cm
  • For combination with individual tabletops (120 – 200 cm)
  • Quiet, intuitive, and stable
  • Quick and easy to set up

The right frame for your office

Create a desk just the way you want it.

Our design. Your style.

Design your own electrically height-adjustable table! With our new Yaasa Desk Frame, you can give your creativity free rein. Whether you’re carving a noble piece of real wood or ordering a custom-made tabletop from the hardware store, the generous weight and size allowances of the frame mean the sky’s the limit!

Alternate between sitting and standing at work and improve your wellbeing.

Work ergonomically

With an electrically height-adjustable table frame, completed by your own tabletop, you can enjoy the advantages of a sit-stand office desk with that personal touch. Work while sitting and standing, adjusting table height exactly to your body size. Regular changes can relieve pressure on your back, your spine, your legs, and your muscles!

Our desk frame ensures best performance.

The full package

The Yaasa Desk Frame comes pre-assembled, delivered in a single package. As soon as you have selected and installed a tabletop, your new sit-stand table is ready for use! An integrated collision sensor rounds off the perfect blend of convenience, safety, and style.

The Yaasa Desk Frame is delivered to your doorstep free of charge.

Free and easy

Order your new Yaasa products conveniently online, with free shipping to your home. The Yaasa Desk Frame arrives smartly-packed and partially pre-      assembled, ready to be set up and                                 put into operation within                           a just few minutes.

Less is more

height adjustable desk frame by yaasa

Creativity without limits

With the Yaasa Desk Frame, you can design your own height-adjustable table. The recommended maximum load is 100 kg, while the maximum length and width of the tabletop are set at 200 x 80 cm. The material, color, and shape of the tabletop are entirely up to you within these limits, ensuring the final desk will be absolutely unique. The Yaasa Desk Frame can also be easily uncoupled and refitted to new tabletops, allowing you to try out new combinations whenever you like.

The power of a Yaasa Desk

There is more to the sleek, attractive Yaasa Desk Frame than meets the eye. This sturdy table frame is height-adjustable from 60 cm to 126 cm, has a smart control element with memory function, and moves quietly and quickly to new ergonomic positions. It’s also tried and tested: the table frame contains the same technology included in the Yaasa Desk Pro II, offering you full power in terms of performance, stability, and flexibility.

Mounting desk casters on height adjustable desk

Flexibility without limits

If you want to work even more flexible, you can equip your Yaasa Desk Frame with our Yaasa Desk Wheels! Simply mount the four castors to your desk and move it anywhere you want or need it – be it in your home or office!

Authentically Yaasa

Our desks and table frames are unique on the market. From the first concept to the finished product, all development decisions are made by us and our product designers. By working without resellers or intermediate vendors, we’re able to hit the sweet spot in terms of price and quality: something that makes every Yaasa Desk something very special.

Yaasa designs all products with the focus on design and functionality.
The Yaasa Chair comes in two different colours and enables maximum adjustability and ergonomics while sitting.

Sit comfortably with the Yaasa Chair

Office chairs by Yaasa combine ergonomics with modern design, leaving a lasting impression with their unique seating comfort. With six different adjustment options, the Yaasa Chair adapts perfectly to your individual ergonomic needs, representing the ideal addition to the desk you create with the Yaasa Desk Frame.

Clean up with Yaasa Cable Management

Both Yaasa Desks and the Yaasa Desk Frame can be perfectly combined with the excellent Yaasa Cable Management. This attractive cable duct can be mounted onto any tabletop using the simple instructions provided. By keeping cables tidy, your table becomes even more adaptable and personal, rising to meet every requirement for the optimal ergonomic workplace. Yaasa Cable Management combines clever functionality with our typically clean design, with noticeable focus given to innovation and flexibility.

Yaasa Cable Management

Light package, easy assembly

The Yaasa Desk Frame comes in a single package. During development, we focused intensely on the creation of an uncomplicated frame structure, an effort that allows us to deliver the Yaasa Desk Frame in a single package. Like all Yaasa desks, the frame can be set up faster than a conventional height-adjustable desk. You can find detailed instructions on assembly as well as additional information on your Yaasa Desk Frame here.

Change the way you work

Standing during the workday not only increases productivity and creativity, but it lowers the risk of illness too. We make our desks part of your new, relaxing routine by facilitating an uncomplicated adjustment of tabletop height. This makes it easy to achieve an ergonomic position, whether you’re sitting and standing.

Standing while working boosts your productivity, well-being and health.

Wellbeing and health

Regular changes between sitting and standing at work increase your wellbeing, your productivity, and protect your body from tension and back pain


You can adjust the height of your Yaasa Desk Pro II in only a few seconds on a touch of a button.

Flexibility and adjustability

Yaasa products focus on adjustability. Our desks, chairs and accessory products can be adjusted in various ways to make your office as individual as possible for you.


An office furnished with products by Yaasa is ergonomical and provides adjustability and movement while working.

Functionality and design

At Yaasa, high-performance is a minimum requirement. Smooth movement means a great user experience, while modern design forms the key focus during product development.


Your benefits at Yaasa

All products by Yaasa are delivered to your doorstep and the shipping is free of charge.

Free shipping

The Yaasa Desk Frame is compactly packaged and delivered to your doorstep in a single unit. Shipping is free of charge: you pay for the table, we take care of the rest. Even if you decide to return your table, we won’t let you down.

You can assemble all products by Yaasa in no time by yourself, quick and easy with no complicated instructions.

Easy assembly

Bored by pages upon pages of assembly instructions? The Yaasa Desk Frame was designed to be assembled with maximum comfort in minimum time. To lighten your load, the frame is delivered to you partially pre-assembled.

We offer 5 year warranty on office furniture by Yaasa

5 Year Warranty

The Yaasa Desk Frame is equipped with outstanding technology which ensures its top performance. We offer a 5-year warranty on our table frame and thereby we assure its high quality, durability and robustness.

Yaasa does not only focus on high-quality products but also on the satisfaction of our customers.

Your satisfaction is our top priority: we are happy to answer any questions, requests, or concerns you may have. We’re also enthusiasts, happy to advise you in general on office ergonomics and the joys of adaptable working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Yaasa Desk Frame

The desks are created entirely by Yaasa – from the initial idea, concept, and design to their manufacture, which takes place in collaboration with trusted production partners in Europe. Our Yaasa Desks are not resale products, something that is apparent in every aspect of the products.

During product development for our desks, we focus exclusively on your personal comfort. So we believe it to be just as important that the entire process – from ordering to assembly to use – is as pleasant as possible for you.

Setup is very simple and can be done easily within a short amount of time, without any special expertise.

While other companies’ desks can feel like sterile office furniture, we believe furniture should be not only practical and comfortable, but also design-friendly. That’s why we focused on creating a modern, minimalist design that blends seamlessly into office and living spaces.

The design and concepts for Yaasa Desks come from our team. They are then implemented and manufactured in collaboration with our European production partners. Together, we create products that combine modern design with innovation and functionality. Our goal is to improve your life in a lasting way. High quality is therefore a standard with Yaasa.

Yes. We are conscious of our responsibility as a company. As a result, we always consider the production and working conditions at various companies when choosing our production partners.

Yes, the Yaasa Cable Management system and the Yaasa Privacy Wall were designed to complement the desk. To use the Yaasa Cable Management on your desk, the tabletop needs to be at least 18 mm thick. We recommend using laminated chipboards or tabletops of solid wood. Details about the Yaasa Cable Management can be found here. To mount the Yaasa Privacy Wall on your desk, the tabletop thickness needs to be 18 – 25 mm. To mount the Privacy Wall at an angle on one side of the table, the table must be at least 75cm deep. If this is not the case, the Privacy Wall can only be mounted straight on the rear edge of the table top. Detail about the Yaasa Privacy Wall can be found here. Our Product Development department is also hard at work creating new features and accessories for the desk.

No. The design is different, but the Yaasa Desk Frame is delivered partially pre-assembled as well.

Yes, a control element to move your desk up and down is delivered along with the desk frame.

The hand switch is fitted underneath the tabletop. You have the option of mounting the hand switch on the left-hand side or right-hand side beneath the tabletop.

More and more people spend most of their time sitting down – a trend that is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, given the progress of digitization. At the same time, the effects of too much sitting are well known: tension, pain, lethargy, even herniated disks – the list goes on and on. While ergonomics are becoming increasingly important, and now form the basis of almost every workstation, the underlying problem is rarely addressed.

A sit-stand desk gives you the flexibility you need to get through your day-to-day work while staying healthy and in shape. You can switch between a sitting and standing position as often as you like and adjust the height to your specific needs each time taking pressure off your spine and giving various muscle groups time to recover and relax. Sit-stand desks can reduce or even completely prevent the many negative health-related, mental and physical effects of excess sitting.

The flexibility offered by electrically adjustable desks also makes them perfect shared desks. No matter the height of the employees using the desk, it can be adjusted to the correct ergonomic height at the touch of a button, within seconds.

A minimum height of 60 cm and a maximum height of 126 cm make the desk suitable for most body heights. However, it is hard to make general statements based on height, since ergonomic posture depends on more factors than just height.

The desk can be used by children age 8 and up as long as they are supervised or if you have instructed them on the safe use of the device and they understand the associated risks. Children under the age of 8 should be kept away from electrically adjustable desks, their controls and keypads.

You can find the correct height with a simple rule of thumb: lay your forearm flat on the desk and adjust the height so your forearm and upper arm form a 90° angle. Your thighs should also form a 90° angle with your calves. Make sure your feet are resting flat on the floor, your arms are relaxed on the desktop, and your shoulders are loose. The same applies for standing: make sure your forearms and upper arms form a 90° angle when you are standing up straight.

We recommend using laminated chipboards or tabletops of solid wood in a rectangular shape with a thickness of minimum 18 mm. Allowed are tabletops with a width of 120 – 200 cm and a depth of 70 – 80 cm.

You can find the exact dimensions of the table frame here.

The lowest desk position is 60 cm and its tallest position is 126 cm.

The Yaasa Desk Frame can be loaded with a weight of up to 100kg. It should be noted that the weight of the table top you have chosen forms part of the load.

In general, the tallest position for height-adjustable desks causes a shift in stability. That is because the statics change along with the height. But we can guarantee you that the Yaasa Desk Frame was designed to be extremely stable in every height position.

First, make sure all the screws are fully tightened. Then check whether the leveling pins on the desk feet are adjusted correctly, and make sure they are touching the ground. In our experience, desks feel unstable if your monitor wobbles when you work. But that is usually due to the screen itself. Try a monitor with a good, stable base to keep movements from being transmitted.

The desk frame and the foot stabilizers are made from powder-coated steel.

The Yaasa Desk Frame is available in white with the corresponding NSC code NCS-S 0500-N SMO. The Yaasa Desk Frame in black has the NSC code NCS-S 8500-N SMO.

You can move the desk 38 mm up or down per second.

With only 63 dB the desk makes very little noise when it moves up and down.

Yes. The Intelligent System Protection (ISP) feature is the anti-collision sensor for the integrated drive system. If there is an obstacle in a desk’s work area and the obstacle and the desk collide, the load change affects the drive components. When the system registers the load change, all of the gears stop immediately and move in the opposite direction for a few seconds.

The power cord is 3 meters long.

Yes, the desk can be operated by left-handed or right-handed users because the hand switch can be mounted beneath the tabletop on either side.

First, check the connection between the desk and the electrical outlet. Please note that the desk cannot be operated for more than 2 minutes at a time without an 18-minute resting period. Also note that the maximum load is 100 kg (without the tabletop). If the desk still does not move, please consult our troubleshooting guide to solve the problem, or contact Yaasa’s customer service.

In the event of problems or error messages, you can check the troubleshooting guide for advice. If you have any other questions, please contact Yaasa Support directly. We will help you fix the error and take any necessary measures.

The desk frame is delivered to your doorstep in 1 cardboard box. The package contains all parts, the appropriate tools as well as informational materials and setup instructions.

If you assemble and disassemble the desk frame according to the setup instructions, it will not damage the material.

For us quality and customer satisfaction come first. We therefore provide a voluntary, free 5-year guarantee from the date of purchase on the Yaasa Desk Frame. You can find the exact guarantee condition here.

No, it is not possible to purchase an additional guarantee extension. In general, we offer a 5-year guarantee on the Yaasa Desk Frame from the date of purchase.


Yaasa Desk Pro II

Yaasa Desk Basic

Yaasa Desk One

Yaasa Desk Frame

Tabletop size

139 x 75 cm

160 x 80 cm

180 x 80 cm

135 x 70 cm

91 x 51 cm

Tabletop not included.

Permitted sizes:
Length: 120-200 cm
Width: 70-80 cm

Tabletop thickness

18 mm

18 mm

18 mm

Tabletop not included.

Permitted thickness:
at least 18 mm

Height adjustability

62 – 128 cm

71 – 120 cm

70 – 120 cm

60 – 126 cm


36,64 kg

39,50 kg

41,41 kg

32 kg

22 kg

23,9 kg

Max. Load

80 kg

80 kg

40 kg

100 kg

Tabletop colours




Light grey

Dark grey/Black

Black & White

Silver-white with a dark grey tabletop edge

Anthracite with a black tabletop edge


Dark grey/Black

Tabletop not included.

Memory function





Tabletop height shown on control element





Collision sensor





Compatible with own tabletop





Compatible with Yaasa Cable Management





Compatible with Yaasa Privacy Wall




Yes, if the tabletop size is at least 135x70cm


5 Years

5 Years

5 Years

5 Years


2 (table frame; tabletop)

2 (table frame; tabletop)